Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zoo fun

We went to the zoo yesterday. It was hot and humid but not so bad since I didn't have to push 90 pounds of kid in a stroller...they walked!! We had fun and stayed a long time. Saw almost everything...we have a huge zoo so everything in one day with two kids is almost impossible. We took some great pics of butterflies and flowers and animals but thought everyone would rather see pics of the animals I brought with me and took home!

Bumblebee petting a stingray. Double A was scared and actually only touched one just barely

the hippos were swimming laps right in front of us. Double A claims one was trying to kiss her!

crazy zoo animal that was sighted

wild animal seen at the zoo

climbing on a beetle...late in the day

penguin house. This penguin was floating right up against the glass blowing bubbles and Bumblebee thought it was great. Not sure if you can see the penguin very well.

This bird was right on the path in the flight cage. Bumblebee bent down to get a closer look and this bird lunged at him and was inches away from pecking his eye out when I pulled him back. Very scary but the bird didn't even leave...just went back to preening.

Can you tell which ones are the monkeys??? the up close ones or the ones in the trees?? :)

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