Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going back to Cali...

Okay, so we already went and are back again. The kids and I went to Southern California to visit my grandparents. We don't get to see them very often so it was really great to go out there. Man, they kept us busy!!! Got there Wednesday. Thursday we spent a VERY long day at Knott's Berry Farm. It is the place where the jelly started and is now a theme park with Snoopy as a mascot. It also has a whole old west/ghost town element going on. They have lots of rides for kids but Bumblebee kept wanting to go on the big rollercoasters but was too short. Double A was tall enough but did not want to go on the roller coasters. So basically they ended up fighting and crying about who was going on what ride. We did have fun and finally found a roller coaster Bumblebee could ride. He started out so excited but quickly got quiet then as soon as we slowed down he said "Mommy, that was awful for me!" However, by the time we came to a stop he asked if we could ride again.

Snoopy. This pic looks kind of blurry :(

Gramps and the kids in the Ghost Town portion of Knott's Berry Farm

waiting for the log ride...probably our favorite ride of the day!

Then Friday we were going strong again at Legoland. There were all sorts of things made from legos and more theme park rides. They also have a whole area of famous cities in miniature made out of legos. Pretty amazing. They used 33 million lego bricks in the whole park.

Grams with both kids. In the background is a real Volvo and Lego people. In another location there was this same Volvo made out of Legos, life size. Very cool.

One of the many Lego people around the park

The kids really wanted to get their faces painted :) Bumblebee's got wet on a ride almost right away and smeared down all one side but still looked scary.

I just thought this was pretty clever. :)

We took Saturday off. Thank goodness because those old people were wearing me out!! :) hee hee. My grandma zips around in her scooter but we all have to walk. She refused to give me a ride :) but did end up letting Double A and Bumble bee have rides. Saturday night the kids and I went to dinner with an old friend who now lives in San Diego whom we have not seen in almost 7 years. It was wonderful to see him.

Then Sunday we were at it again with a trip to the San Diego Zoo. They have a new baby panda but we were not able to see it because it is too young to be out on display yet. It is a huge zoo with lots of big hills. At one point the scooter gave out on a very steep hill and I happened to catch it so Grams and Bumblebee did not go careening backwards down the hill. We got it straightened out but it was scary at first.

It was nice to have one last "Hurrah" before school starts Aug 31. The kids want to know when we can go back to California and visit grams and gramps again. Today Bumblebee told me he wished he could live with them!
And need to print these pictures. I plan on sending you a copy of all the pics I took.

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