Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update #2 EASTER

Easter was pretty low key around here.
We woke up and the kids found their baskets the Easter Bunny had brought.
We were a little behind so we decorated egss on Easter morning.

Husband #1 enjoys doing a silly egg. Last year it was an orange egg with a jack o lantern face drawn on it before dying. Clever.

After all the basket and egg frivolity it was time for an egg hunt!! I hid eggs with candy and coins in the backyard and let 'em loose!! (I had to lock up the dogs because they kept finding all the eggs before the kids could get out there!)
Unfortunately, Husband #1 was so excited he pushed the kids out of the way and forgot his basket...he was not allowed to get any eggs since he could not behave!

Here is Double A finding the green egg hidden on the Big Green Egg (which, by the way, is awesomely awesome. More on that in another post!)

After all the eggs were found we went to Forest Park and enjoyed a car show. It was the first warm easter we have had since we moved here four years ago!

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