Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 in review - Part 1

I have been remiss in 2010 of updating regularly. I have gotten some major points of our life on here but some have squeaked by so today I will post a random assortment of photos with brief blurbs about what we have been doing in the first 4 months of 2010.

First up is Bumblebee's preschool show in late January. Poor kid had gotten his 5 year immunizations the day before (FOUR shots!) and we were unaware his arm was sore. I noticed his pained look and his refusal to raise his arms during the show. At one point they clasped hands with the kid beside them and swung arms. Even the teachers were giving the kid next to Bumblebee the evil eye because he looked so pained by the movement. It wasn't that kid's fault...Bumblebee's arm was just hot and red and swollen. I think it was the chicken pox vaccine because the same thing happened to me when I got it two years ago.

Then I decided to take the kidss down for Mardi Gras/Valentine's Day weekend. They coincidentally had a four day weekend so I figured...why not? My mom and sister in law are in a Mardi Gras parade every year and I have never seen them ride. Plus, the kids have never been to Mardi Gras at all. We left Husband #1 at home because he had to work (a lot as it turned out). On our drive we stayed in North Mississippi Thursday night. When we woke the next day and started down the road there was snow!! It kept getting worse as we went was weird, as if I had gone north on accident. Jackson MS had several inches of snow on the ground but once I hit the Louisiana border the only white stuff on the ground was trash. The parade was Friday night and it was COLD! At least there was no rain or snow, though. Mom and Tammi were busy all day with parade prep and Ray had to work so somehow I got stuck with all the kids (mine and my two nieces). I am not sure what they would have done with the girls had I not been there but Ray "bought" me McDonald's for dinner so all was even :) My dad met us at the parade and held Bumblebee up for the floats to catch more stuff. This first picture is Grandpa holding Bumblebee and the three girls poised to catch stuff.

C2, Double A, Bumblebee and C1 trying to stay warm before the parade

After we caught the parade near the beginning of the route we decided to get in the car and go to the end of the route to catch it again. We had to go pick up mom and Tammi anyway. Problem with this plan is it was about 10pm and the kids were tired. C2 was so cute as she did this slow back and forth eye thing and then pretty much fell asleep with her eyes open.

The next day we went to Global Wildlife Center which I have posted about on this blog before. This time Ray and Tammi and the girls and Grandpa made the trip.

Here are some more photos from around the house while visiting my parents.

Double A, C1, Bumblebee, C2 in the bounce house

This has gotten a little long so I will do Easter and camping in Part 2. Stay tuned

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