Friday, January 6, 2012


(For those of you who have not read back yet...I am updating randomly and you should scroll back to see if you missed anything.)

Our first Halloween in our new house! We live in a gated neighborhood so still no trick or treaters. The neighborhood decides when we will trick or treat and this year it was on Friday Oct 28. Saturday is too busy with college football, Sunday is too busy with Church and Monday has school and work. We have a neighborhood party with bounce house, etc and then the kids go trick or treating (read: run wild in the street). Husband #1 was not able to make it so we went trick or treating on the actual day of Halloween in another area of town.

Can anyone guess what the kids were dressed as this year?

If you guessed Flesh Eating Monster and Taylor were right! BumbleBee picked his costume based on the coolest weapon. He picked out the ax thing and then chose a random costume to go with it. Double A chose Taylor Swift because she LOVES Taylor and that is the only music she listens to and Double A is convinced they look alike (because of the hair).

I watched some YouTube videos and learned how to make BumbleBee's face look like this. It was very cool and I was quite proud of my work. He was nervous so I did it on my own face too. It is Elmer's glue and toilet paper. I did not have Halloween makeup so I just used various kinds of eyeshadow and powder until the color looked right. just peels off like glue that dried on your hand!

Double A was just super excited to be able to wear makeup. Good golly, you think her eyelashes are long enough?! She once told me that it bothered her to wear sunglasses because her eyelashes hit the lenses. Must be tough.

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