Friday, December 19, 2008

Pre Christmas fun!

Well, first and foremost I want to give a "shout out" to my mother in law...KA! It is her birthday and as usual I have not planned enough in advance to get a card in the mail. It is also her mother's birthday, RR! Happy birthday to both of you!!

It is also my friend TB's birthday but she may not read this in time as she is swamped with sick kids, house construction and general holiday gunk.

I made some holiday treats for Husband #1's co-workers and included the following recipe cards (along with the actual treats, too!) Thought you might enjoy. I was supposed to bring some to a cookie exchange but Husband #1 had a kidney transplant so I was unable to attend. Now I have plenty of cards left if anyone wants one! :)

Here are some other images we took over the last few days.

Here is Bumblebee with his reindeer he made at school. He made lots of other stuff but will spare you the play by play. Today was his last day and he is now at home eating lunch as I type. He had a Christmas party at school today and was very excited because he got to pick out the paper plates to bring.
Double A wore her Christmas dress to school today even though they will be having no holiday party in order to recognize all the religions at the school. They have learned about several different ones including things I have never heard of before. She asked me to take this picture of her this morning "so my grandparents can see me in my dress." And yes, those are stockings I found at the dollar store with green holly leaves on them. This is the second wearing and they are surprisingly still in one piece. We are growing out her bangs but they are so curly it makes it challenging. We'll see how it goes on the long run. She will not smile and show her teeth because on of the front ones will probably fall out if she opens her mouth too much. We may have Santa and the Tooth Fairy fighting for admittance to the house in the same night. She currently has four loose teeth and has already lost two this past spring.

This was from our Christmas card photo shoot. It did not make the cut for the card but I love the picture so will include it here.
The weather here is insane. It snowed this week and has been sticking around since then but last night it rained and warmed up. It was 51 degrees when we got in the car for school but within three hours it had dropped to 43. Supposed to be about 19 this weekend with low of UGH!
Well, at least it was not an actual whole month between posts. Been busy but not with anything exciting to post about.


holly said...

I love how you can refer to your husband having a kidney transplant and no one bats an eye! :) Ah...isn't life with a doctor fun. I'm staring a series on my blog entitled "Our Glamorous Life" to show just how unglamorous being married to a doctor is. I hope to have my first one next week!

tarab said...

thanks for the b-day wish. It really only matters that people remember - gifts can follow at a later date - ha!

tarab said...

ok, I was so overwhelmed by my b-day wish that I neglected the grammar lesson -- reread your post. I know what you mean, but it sounds as if your hubby HAD a transplant - LOL!!!